Good morning, another shoot today! Should be fun. Also heard will be popping along!

3rd photo shoot in a row , im all cameraerrdd outttt :)
Theres alot of birthdays in augusttt:)

Hows everyones day beenn :)


Voting for VMAs best new video closes friday! If your in US please vote and help us to win this! Would be incredible!!! 
The awkward moment when I call bonjela -bon jovi , " liam I need t get bonjovi for the lip"
goodmorning! whats goin on? soo hungry would love a fry!
i knew it..long season for derby! 2-0 loss at bolton... gona havta listen to  now! not good!
soo tired! watchin the football...gona head t bed after it ! been a busy couple of days doin photoshoots!!

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