"Yes fammo! They've got green tea" real quote.~Harry

Weve just heard that LWWY has already reached #1 on iTunes preorder in over 40 countries! Wow thank you to all of you! ~Liam

Video shoot was ammazzinng yesterday cant wait for you all to see it ~Liam

Thank you to everyone of you who have pre ordered the single ! Love you all :)~Liam

Lebuktál :)

goodmorning! what a day yesterday shooting the video ! gona be sick! director is a legend! still in bed now! starvin but cudnt be bothered~Niall

Happy birthday to my nanny! Maggie nolan ! Unreal at making dinner ! ~Niall

Wow its chuckin it down! And we stuck shooting in it! By the way, super excited for u to see the video! Its gona be cool~Niall

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