One Thing

LEGJOBB ÚJ ELŐADÓ: One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful

LEGJOBB POP VIDEO: One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful 

"Guys what the hell! You are incredible, 3 vmas ! We love u all soo much! All 3 of them are for u! Thank you!"~Niall

"We owe you everything. Thank you so much for this. Three VMAs!! YEAH .xx"~Harry

"Wow can't believe we won three awards ! I said it on stage but i'll say it again! The awards are because of you guys , thank you everyone "~Louis

WELL DONE  on winning 3 VMA Awards! Awesome fellas & seeing 'Rihanna' & 'Katy Perry' singing along to 'One thing'~Olly Murs

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