B.Ú.É.K :D

Harry csak Alan-nek írt :  Hahaha!! I love it... Happy New Year!

"Wowww im looking forward to 2013!Thank you for all your support in 2012,its been a year i will never forget! Love you all! Happy new yearrrr" ~Liam

"Just want to say to you all thank you for an absolutely amazing 2012. You guys have made the last few years incredible"

"We wouldn't be where we are now without you all! So Happy 2013! Love you all! :) x" ~Zayn

"Happy new year everyone . Thank you for making the last year so special !"

"Also thank to everyone who came to the party last night was such a good way to spend New Year's Eve!" ~Louis

"Happy New Year guys! Thanks for 2012! 2013 let's gooo"

"That was some craic last night! Soo funny !" 

"Happy birthday Ma ! Have a great day ! ~Niall

Alan :D 

"Well I think I look like Harry!"

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